What does it look like in real life?

Has one of the photos seen on this site or on my Instagram account caught your eye?
Were you offered a Yellowkorner print that you burned with rage after seeing in your dentist's waiting room, but you'd like to reuse the pretty frame that came with it?
Or better still, you're one of those people who knows that a photo is only appreciated once it physically exists, and you like to give yourself beautiful gifts?

Please note that I offer signed and numbered prints of most of the photos visible on the site or on my Instagram account.

Since I like things to be simple, by default I offer two possible finishes, two available formats, but a single price of 100€.

Got something else in mind? Whether it's a different format, a different type of support, or even a frame, we can discuss it here and find the right item for you. 

Formats :

20 x 30 cm print
30 x 45 cm print

Finishes : 

Hahnemühle matt fibre 200g
Canson Baryta Prestige 340g

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