Why Streetphotography?

At first I called them street scenes. I was 20 years old, had a brand new camera and to celebrate a useless graduation I was going on my first trip. I didn't understand anything about photography but the interactions between passers-by already caught my eye.

In 2010, I moved to Auckland, New Zealand, for a year. It was my first time living in a big city. On the internet I discovered a stimulating community of photographers on Flickr. I was watching all this from a distance, too shy to take part in the discussions but I was learning. In the street, the anonymity of the Queen Street crowd reassured me and I started to play the game of Streetphotography.  
Since then, as soon as time permits, I walk around Nice or elsewhere in search of these small coincidences that sometimes take their value, once isolated in the frame of a photo. All this without any documentary pretension, no work in progress, just the pleasure of the moment and the hope that all these images will end up answering each other. "Shoot until it all make sense!"

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